my favourite book at the moment

I am a fierced reader. At least I read 3 books a month when I have enough sparetime. At the moment I am reading a book by Diana Gabaldon. It`s called “A breath of Snow and Ashes”. It´s a fantastic saga about Highlands. Unfortunately I started with the 6. book. It`s sometimes hard to understand the coherency. But it is written so fantastic and colorful..It seems as if you are in this external world.

The held of this roman is Jamie Fraser, a Highlander, who is married to a woman which has time travelled from the future. The action plays in 1772 in Boston. It is a time of subliminal wars especially between Indians and British colonists.

Jamie is an agent for the indians who tries to convey between them and the British colonists. It is a difficult work, because he knows that in some years there will be only a few tribes be left. Most of the indians will be displaced and have been died of hunger and cold. So he tries everything to help them. Now I am at the point where he armes them. His wife Claire is an impressive woman too. She is doctor out of the year 1963. In the past she tries to save the life of the people by giving them medicine which hasn`t been developed at this time. She is often affronted to be a witch because the people of this time are very religious. She hasn`t come alone in the past. She brought with her her daughter which is now married with a man who discovers his love for god.

I am not so far with reading but I promise to write when I have come a bit on….


~ by sweetangel80 on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “my favourite book at the moment”

  1. If it’s easier for you, all of Gabaldon’s books have been translated into German. (In fact two of the latest were published in the German translation before the English editions came out.) All but the first two were translated by a very good writer who has become a personal friend of the author.

    If you are enjoying this I really would recommend you go back and read the earlier books, either in English or German.

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